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Whiplash: What Really Happens to Your Body?

Man holding hurt neckIt’s an all too common occurrence—one way or another, we find ourselves in an accidental situation where our neck snaps too far in one direction, be it a result of a car crash, sports injury or even toddlers playing an innocent game.

Whiplash causes an instability in the neck and spine, which can often result in headaches, dizziness, reduced flexibility and back problems to name a few.

The scary part? You might not realize something is wrong until long after you’ve sustained your injury. The symptoms of whiplash don’t always show up immediately—instead, your body overcompensates for the problems caused. Over time, your body will begin to breakdown, unable to keep up with the disturbances caused by the whiplash.

So, what can you do if you find yourself a victim of a neck injury, no matter how big or small?

Visit our practice for a checkup! At CHIROSMART, Dr. Joseph Snell is happy to offer patients a FREE exam and even X-rays at no cost so that you can see if there’s a misalignment in your spine that could benefit from chiropractic care. We’ll always recommend the most conservative path forward for your natural healing, giving your body the focused care it needs—no more and no less. In addition, we’ll also suggest specific exercises that may help speed your healing.

Dr. Snell has helped hundreds of patients just like you before, and we can’t wait to do the same for you. If you’ve been injured in a car accident, slip and fall accident or have experienced any trauma that needs to be addressed, we’re here for you.

Contact our team today to schedule your free exam with free x-rays and get back to living the life you love. We look forward to seeing you in our clinic soon.

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